Better business
through good design





Graphic design
and brand identity

We have professional experience in all fields of graphic design, including visual identity, print design, web design, and mobile app design.

Our work process follows the classic design principles through the use of powerful software and hardware.

User interfaces
and web design

We have worked on hundreds of projects in the field of web design and mobile interfaces. We understand what makes users click and tap.

We can help your project in each step - from the initial concept and prototype, through the wireframes and mockups, to the asset generation and final delivery.

We've been around since the days when "UX design" was called "common sense". But it seems so rare these days!

We will prepare extensive UX and design reports for your existing projects. We will spot hard to understand design decisions, possible interface bottlenecks, dubious typography and visual elements, and much more.

See how it works

and lectures

We love to share our knowledge and skills.

We often participate in educational events, and sometimes organize trainings of small groups in our studio.

Drop us a line to learn more the learning process and topics covered.

What keeps us busy

Hub App UI Design

Mobile Website Design

Various Projects

Charts & infographics
Various projects

Lab Nutrition
Brand Identity and Package Design

Visual Identity

Coring Magazine
The covers

DYI Christmas Card
Blatant self-promotion

Logo Collection
Updated Occasionally

Vehicle illustrations
Spearhead AG

Elytra Black
Font Revival Project

Coring Magazine
Issue Design

A Data Pro
Musala Summit Visual Identity

Tumba Solutions
Sticker Pack

Visual Identity Refresh

America for Bulgaria Foundation
Hardcover Brochure

Cardboard Boxes

Mall of Sofia
Website Design

Brand Identity

The Elegant Set
Comprehensive Icon Set

Capital Pro App
Mobile App UI

K:Reader UI Design

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About us

Cog Graphics is a Bulgarian design studio.
We specialize in print and screen design.

We have vast expertise creating stuff for many different businesses.  Among our clients are influential brands and organizations, including technogy providers, media, NGO's, IT companies, merchants, and more.

Contact us

Visit: 10 Khan Presiyan Str., Sofia 1612 Bulgaria

Call: +359 88 800 1300

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