Design and UX consulting

With 20+ years of field experience in creating user interfaces and web design, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge regarding all things interactive. We can highlight existing and potential pitfalls in your website, mobile app or other screen interface.

Here is how it works:


Dive in

First we'll sign a non-disclosure agreement. Then you'll tell us about more your project and concern.

You should also give us access to all the required assets - wireframes, screens, documentation, etc.



We will take 2-3 weeks to analyze the project, its visual qualities, information structure and usability.

We'll probably be asking a lot of questions :)



We'll prepare a report, which contains what we think are all the actual and potential points of failure in the project.

We'll include possible ways of improvement.



After you read the report, it is up to you to decide which issues to take in consideration.

If needed, we can provide additional discussions with members of your team responsible for execution.

Design and UX report

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About us

Cog Graphics is a Bulgarian design studio.
We specialize in print and screen design.

We have vast expertise creating stuff for many different businesses.  Among our clients are influential brands and organizations, including technogy providers, media, NGO's, IT companies, merchants, and more.

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Visit: 10 Khan Presiyan Str., Sofia 1612 Bulgaria

Call: +359 88 800 1300

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