Mall of Sofia website design

Look at one site of a mall and you've seen them all. Or have you? We've tried something new: a horizontally constructed site with lush imagery and totally fluid layout.

Each page of the site is constructed in a free-flowing sequence of colorful information tiles. In its background a nice big photo is featured. Like this one:

This type of design suited a lot of scenarios - listing pages, shop profiles, news, even the cinema page, which is one of the most visited pages.

About us

Cog Graphics is a Bulgarian design studio.
We specialize in print and screen design.

We have vast expertise creating stuff for many different businesses.  Among our clients are influential brands and organizations, including technogy providers, media, NGO's, IT companies, merchants, and more.

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Visit: 10 Khan Presiyan Str., Sofia 1612 Bulgaria

Call: +359 88 800 1300

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